What to consider while dealing with Holmes Tutorial/Final Assessment?

Top 10 things to consider while working on Holmes Final Assessment T3 2021 to get good marks!!

Holmes Institute conducts Holmes Final Assessment T3 2021 in form of tutorial for which students are allowed a time frame of 24 hour within which they have to submit the assessment given to them. In Trimester 3 of 2021 also students would have to appear for final assessment which carries 50% weight age for the subject. As it contains 50% marks so it is most important assessment for the students to clear the subject as most of the students are having their final trimester and their VISA would be about to expire. Holmes Institute final assessments are conducted with strict rules and regulations wherein students have to take care of the below mentioned aspects in order to score and pass the particular subject:

Holmes Final Assessment T3 2021
  1. Academic integrity: Academic integrity is one of the major issues students face while working on the Holmes final assessment or tutorials. In order to deal with the academic integrity issue students have to ensure that the work done by them is free from any kind of plagiarism and do not match with any other student paper. Also students have to ensure that all the sources which have been referred while preparing the assessment are correctly referenced in the assignment.
  2. Similarity percentage in Safe assign: Since Holmes institute is one of the most famous institutes in Australia with high number of students making their way to Holmes for completing their desired course so there are high chances that the assessment may get similarity with other students. In order to ensure minimum similarity percentage, students have to ensure that they do not copy from any fellow students. Subjects like HI6028 Taxation or HI5020 Corporate accounting or HI6007 Statistics comes under high similarity due to higher number of numerical in them. 
  3. One submission chance: Normally Holmes Institute has the assignment submission policy wherein any assignment can be submitted in three chances wherein if you get any plagiarism then you can improve it and resubmit it. But the final assessment of T3 2021 would be having only single submission chance and once the assessment is submitted there will not be any other submission chance available to students.

4. Adapted Harvard referencing style: Holmes institute follows adapted Harvard style referencing pattern which is bit different from the normal Harvard referencing pattern wherein students have to write page number and paragraph number within the in-text reference. Also in reference list students are expected to provide the URL of the source from where the information is provided in the assignment. 

5. 50% of overall subject grades: Final assessment for Holmes carries 50% marks for the overall subject. So students have to ensure that final assessment marks should be such that it makes the entire subject marks as 50. For example, in case any student has got 30 marks in total in the HI5017 Managerial accounting (including online quiz, individual assignment and reflection) then the student has to get minimum 20 marks in the final assessment out of 50 to pass the subject.

6. 24 hour time for submission: Every final assessment would get time of only 24 hour within that time frame every student has to submit the final assessment and after that the submission link will disappear automatically and students will not be able to make their submission. For example, HI6026 Audit, Assurance and compliance final assessment will start on 22nd February 2022 at 11 AM as per Queensland time and 12 PM Melbourne and Sydney time so students have to complete their final assessment and submit it before 11 AM on 23rd February, 2022 as per Queensland time and 12 PM as per Melbourne and Sydney time. So our experts at Diploma Assignment help can offer timely support for final assessment to complete it on time.

7. Tutorials and lecture slides: During the trimester, teachers have provided their lecture slides under the lecture slide column in Holmes Blackboard along with tutorial notes as well. It is expected from the students that they will refer to the lecture notes and tutorial provided by the lecturer as some of the theoretical and practical questions may be directly from them. Our experts at Diploma Assignment help have gone through all lecture slides and tutorials to make it as per the teacher’s expectation.    

8. Deep knowledge of the subject: It is important for the students to acquire deep and detailed knowledge of every subject in order to get pass in the subjects. So they are advised to go through entire coursework including tutorials provided by the teacher.

9. Keep track of the resources for assessment: Many a times after completion of the assessment, students are asked for the resources which they have used while preparing the assessment so it is advisable to keep track of the resources so that when college asks for them then students can provide them without any issue.

10. Maintain browsing history: Students should also maintain the browsing history while working on the final assessment as sometime college may ask for the same for proof to avoid academic integrity.

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