Unit 8 Marketing in Hospitality

Aim of Unit 8 Marketing in Hospitality

Unit 8 Marketing in Hospitality sheds light on the marketing and its concept and functions in the hospitality industry. It further educates the learner about understanding the factors that have been affecting the marketing in the hospitality industry. The main aim of this unit is to educate the learner about the concept of marketing in a services industry, the role of marketing mix and understanding the marketing cycle in hospitality industry. In terms of hospitality industry marketing plays a very important role in creating a different place amongst the competitors. Marketing helps and industry expands its business through the use of different innovative measures and strategies.


Learning outcomes

LO1 Understand the concepts of marketing in a services industry context

The core concept of marketing in the service industry is to understand the customer needs and demands. The quality, efficiency, strategic marketing and changes occurring in the market are the key factors that helped in understanding the concept of marketing. The hospitality managers must be aware about the stakeholders, the socio-economic influence, the political influence, threats, market turnover and opportunities in the market. The manager must acquire knowledge about the customer culture, targeting and positioning, sustainability social responsibilities and change in marketing strategies in the market. Therefore, marketing plays an important role in the hospitality industry.

LO2 Understand the role of the marketing mix

Marketing mix helps in developing the internal and external growth of business. Marketing mix characteristics develops the nature of business. The study will focus upon the quality of services, partnerships in business, and programming. Strategies of pricing, places of business, distributions, and developing the prices would help in understanding the role of marketing mix. Pricing strategies are very important for studying and includes some major topics like adjustments in prices and competitions.

LO3 3 Be able to use the promotional mix

Promotional mix could be used by making promotions, creating sponsors, advertisements, channels of communications and considerations of budget. Advertising could be implemented by creating objectives, methods and preparing budgets. Promotion of sales would consider having objectives, aims, growth reasons, and tools for its implementation. Apart from that limitations could also be considered for better understanding of promotional mix.

LO4 Understand the marketing cycle in a services industry environment

Environment of marketing could be understood better by making research and collecting data. A marketing cycle generally includes several questions, surveys, information about market for implementing its tools. Data collection and analysis includes groups to complete its surveys, questions, secondary research. Communication could be understood better by going through various media sources and channels and other modes of publications. Marketing plan could be used for implementing and observing the marketing cycle.

Unit 8 Marketing in Hospitality

Learning outcomes and assessment criteria

Learning outcomes   On successful completion of this unit a learner will:Assessment criteria for pass   The learner can:
LO1 Understand the concepts of marketing in a services industry contextdiscuss concepts of marketing for a relevant services industryassess the impact of the marketing environment on the industryevaluate the relevance of consumer markets in the industrydiscuss the rationale for developing different market segments
LO2 Understand the role of the marketing mixassess the importance of components of the marketing mix to the industryanalyse pricing strategies and policies in relation to the industry
LO3 Be able to use the promotional mixevaluate the role of the promotional mixplan an advertising campaign for a services industry operationanalyse the role that sales promotion and public relations play in promotional efforts
LO4 Understand the marketing cycle in a services industry environmentdiscuss the relevance of market research to services industry operationsundertake market research for an appropriate product or serviceanalyse the suitability of different media for marketing an appropriate product or serviceevaluate the implementation of the marketing plan for an appropriate product or service


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