Unit 32 Nutrition and Diet

Aim of Unit 32 Nutrition and Diet

Unit 32 Nutrition and Diet sheds light on two of the important factor namely nutrition and diet. This unit further investigates the nutritional values of the food and the diet plans as per the choice and the trend in the society. This helps the learners to understand the menus and diet plans of the customers in various hospitality industry. The learners will understand the importance of nutrition in the management of food and different skills that are required to plan the diet as per the needs of the customers. Further issues regarding the role of nutrition in the hospitality management will also be discussed.


Learning outcomes

  1. Understand nutritional principles
  2. Understand the links between diet and health
  3. Be able to plan and analyse diets and menus
  4. Understand the role of nutrition in hospitality management.

LO1 Understand nutritional principles

The nutritional principles vary with the choice of food as per the socio-economic, cultural and religious factors. The recent trends in the market also affect the nutritional values of the food. With the classification of food the nutritional principles could be differentiated. Food like meat, dairy products, fruits and vegetables contain different nutritional values. Hence , the food in the hospitality industry must be prepared incorporating the nutritional requirements of the varying groups of people. Moreover, assessment of nutritional status of population based on body mass index, usage of food table and implementation of food survey would help understand the nutritional principles better.

LO2 Understand the links between diet and health

The links between diet and health is very important to understand. People suffering from obesity, heart disease, bowel disorders and cancer requires particular diet as per their health conditions and requirements of nutrients and vitamins. The hospitality industry must be well aware about healthy eating habits of the customers of different countries. Nutritional Well-being of the British Population [September 2008] carried out as survey to review nutritional status of the English people. Hence the hospitality industry must attain knowledge about the effects of certain foods on different health conditions like deficiency diseases, allergies, medical conditions and the effects of alcohol and beverages.

LO3 Be able to plan and analyze diets and menus

The hospitality managers must plan the meal according to the requirement of the customers varying from vegetarian meals, non vegetarian meals and vegan meals. A well functional analysis of menus and diets must be carried out. Measurement, calculation and evaluation of meals based on nutrient and energy contents and presence of the customer is very essential and modifying the meals and diets with implementing healthy eating guidelines will help preserve the nutritional values in food.

LO4 Understand the role of nutrition in hospitality management

Different food production methods have different effects on the nutrition. The cooking methods have a massive effect on increasing and decreasing the nutritional value of food. The hospitality managers must understand the nutrition requirements in different sectors of catering business like schools, hospitals and hotels. Hence, the managers must protect the importance of healthy eating habits and educate the staff and customers about nutrition and its importance.

Unit 32 Nutrition and Diet

Learning outcomes and assessment criteria

Learning outcomes   On successful completion of this unit a learner will:Assessment criteria for pass   The learner can:
LO1 Understand nutritional principlesreview factors affecting food choice and current food trendscategorise foods according to type and nutrient contentdiscuss nutritional requirements of individuals and groupsassess methods used for measuring nutritional status and food intake
LO2 Understand the links between diet and healthdiscuss the relationships between diet and health, explaining the principles of healthy eatingappraise the effects of alcohol on the human body and the hospitality worldassess the use of diet in the treatment of a range of medical conditions
LO3 Be able to plan and analyse diets and menusplan, develop and analyse healthy, palatable meals for a variety of customers and situationsmodify existing recipes, meals and menus to implement healthy eating principles
LO4 Understand the role of nutrition in hospitality managementevaluate the effects of different methods of food production on the nutritional value of foodscompare the different nutritional principles involved in a variety of catering outletsproduce and analyse material that provides nutritional information and promotes concepts of healthy eating suitable for use in the catering industry


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