Unit 20 Business Health Check

Aim of Unit 20 Business Health Check

Unit 20 Business Health Check would be developed for gaining ideal understanding of the business focuses, skills and abilities for developing plans and evaluating staff and management skills. From the unit, learners could identify various processes in carrying out business health check. The study would based on different techniques and their applications methods in the business operations for tracking the overall business operational progress as well as amending the direction as per the outside and inside scenario of any business operation at any period. The unit would also consider different issue regarding marketing and sales, profitability, turnover, employee and customer satisfaction, service and product quality and product development. Key aspect of various stakeholders’ interests would be taken into account within the study. It would include the concept of owners, staff, customers, backers or investors and suppliers.


Learning outcomes

1 Understand the focuses of the business

In this part, students would get to know about several focuses within the business operations. These focused could be long, medium and short-term, Apart from that, the study would focus on business priorities, successes, strengths and weaknesses, stakeholder analysis, sources of guidance and advice and potential for the improvement in overall operation. In this, different external factors would be identified regarding internal, external, threats, opportunities and resources. Therefore, the study would help them to identify the key focuses of business operations and their implications within the ground applications of strategies.

2 Be able to develop plans for businesses

Through this unit, learners could investigate how to make plans for the development of business. An ideal review would be done for that and it would include different aspects such as products or services, sales, marketing, finance and staffing. Apart from that, it would also analyse several types of organisational performance, image of business and record keeping. Business planning would be related to different functions like effective forecasting in productivity, service quality, sales and marketing, design, financial management, management and staff roles, monitoring performance, business laws and legislations, risk assessment, action planning and information handling.

3 Be able to evaluate and develop skills of management and staff

At the ending part of the unit, students would learn how to analyse and develop internal skills as per the context of management and staff. Proper evaluation would be done in the unit in which performance monitoring, operational skills and technical abilities, effects of recent performance on the operation, assessment of setting targets and other information. Different development and planning could be evaluated for assessing needs of skills, setting targets, linking skill targets to the operation targets and pricing training and advice. Different operational support and advices like personal contracts, fees, networks and various limitations could be achieved.

Unit 20 Business Health Check

Learning outcomes and assessment criteria

Learning outcomes   On successful completion of this unit a learner will:Assessment criteria for pass   The learner can:
LO1 Understand the focuses of the businessanalyse the objectives of the business explain factors that impact on the business determine potential improvements to the business organisation and/or operation
LO2 Be able to develop plans for businessesreview the effectiveness of the business develop plans to improve the business, justifying their value
LO3 Be able to evaluate and develop skills of management and staffevaluate the current skills of management and staff devise and justify plans for the development of skills for management and staff

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