Unit 15 On-Licensed Trade Management

Aim of Unit 15 On-Licensed Trade Management

https://360homeconnect.com/mdt1uhd0xpv Unit 15 On-Licensed Trade Management would be developed for getting perfect examinations on the specialist industry, hospitality and event and applying principles, techniques and knowledge on the ongoing process. This unit would also deliver practical and theoretical skills for learners that could be required for pursuing their career within licensed trades. Proper exploration on the structure of the specific trade by covering multiple agreement types and licensed premises would be made on this study. Various issues would be examined related to the operational development as well as applied marketing within this trade sector. A case study would be evaluated in an organised way on local operation for providing feedback to managers.

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https://www.clinandmedimages.com/xi1ybg42y Learning outcomes

1 Understand key issues that impact on the licensed trade industry

http://www.cbpae.org/971z73ula The unit would explore key issues and their impact on licensed trade sectors. In this, different types of agreements like tenancy, freehold and leasehold and licensed trades would be analysed. Different premises of license such as family, community, country, branded pubs would be focused. National development regarding the trade sectors as well as different industry challenges like responsible retailing, violence, ethics, disorders related to alcohol, gambling and sustainability would be mentioned.


2 Understand the effective development and operation of on-licensed premises

Learners would further understand operational development within on-licensed premises by this unit. Different explanations regarding design, product and profit development, regulatory constraints, cash and stock security and staffing would be done. Within these scenarios, external and internal design, ergonomics, workflow and customer, licensing laws, planning and health authorities, safety and risk analysis, food, beverages, liquor, amusement with skills and prizes, EPOS systems, integrated software systems, cash security provision, recruitment structure, performance and retention, management roles would be mentioned.


Buy Valium 2Mg 3 Be able to develop a merchandising and sales promotion strategy for on-licensed premises

Learners would be able to develop different strategies regarding sale promotion and merchandising for the on-licensed premises. Different marketing skills would be applied within the study in which SWOT analysis would be incorporated within market research functions, apart from that, learners can learn about product life cycle, value proposition, growth of customer base, innovation roles, sourcing strategies, food safety risk management, market penetration and target marketing. Along with these, different sales merchandising functions promotional functions, back bar design and turnover generation.

https://www.naomella.com/2022/06/0217m5hmu 4 Be able to evaluate the development of on-licensed premises

In this part, different development projects in which objectives, targets, resources, timescales would be achieved. Focus would be on food and beverages, different entertainment programs and designs would be based on internal and external process along with recent regulatory constraints. Different financial investments would be focused on such as operating and retail cost analysis, ROCE, flow if discounted cash, incremental and wholesale project analysis. The study further analyses different undertaken techniques, relationship benefits, issues and difficulties, objectives, resources and feedback.

Unit 15 On-Licensed Trade Management

Learning outcomes and assessment criteria

Learning outcomes   https://fizazzle.com/gsda2tp On successful completion of this unit a learner will:Assessment criteria for pass   The learner can:
LO1 Understand key issues that impact on the licensed trade industryassess the economic, social and legislative pressures that have created the present structure of the licensed trade and that might determine its future evaluate the impact of key issues on the licensed trade industry, suggesting potential strategies for management
LO2 Understand the effective development and operation of on-licensed premisesevaluate production and commercial areas, identifying appropriate control systems discuss the constraints on development and operational activities justify appropriate food, liquor and entertainment products and services for a specific type of on-licensed premises justify a staffing structure and training programme for a specific type of on-licensed premises
LO3 Be able to develop a merchandising and sales promotion strategy for on- licensed premisesjustify a merchandising strategy for a specific type of on-licensed premises produce a sales development and promotional plan for a specific type of on-licensed premises
LO4 Be able to evaluate the development of on-licensed premisesdiscuss the product development area, design, systems and financial investment evaluate the project against original objectives, targets, timescales and resources to be used

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This unit links learners’ knowledge and understanding of the licensed trade sector of the hospitality industry with several other units in the programme, notably:

  • Unit 8: Marketing in Hospitality
  • Unit 12: Hospitality Operations Management
  • Unit 18: Facilities Operations and Management.