Unit 1 The Contemporary Hospitality Industry

Aim of Unit 1 The Contemporary Hospitality Industry

Unit 1 is The Contemporary Hospitality Industry focuses on the characteristics of hospitality and accumulates on issues, goals and skills required for the future development. It further educates learners about the scope, scale and diversity required in hospitality using the standard industrial classification. For gaining knowledge about contemporary hospitality industry it’s important to be aware about the business, brands and the industry that is being associated. By examining different forms of business structures, it creates an opportunity to research issues and development in the industry. This will further aware about changing scenario in the industry and the influence of different legal, political, economic and environmental issues arising in the hospitality industry.


Learning outcomes

LO1 Understand the current structure of the hospitality industry

The most important factors responsible for the growth in hospitality industry are fooding and lodging facilities comprising of hotels, restaurants and bars and its associations with service providers and other brands and business. The sizes, turnover, GDP and diversity in terms of food, beverages and customer service are some of the key essentials in hospitality industry. The management, maintenance, development and marketing strategies are required for hospitality industry to thrive and its associations with professional bodies like institute of hospitality helps in further development.

LO2 Understand staffing in the hospitality industry

In any hospitality industries like hotels, restaurants or nightclubs skilled and professional staff plays a very important role. Different types of staff include trainees, foreign staffs, full time staff and volunteers. Therefore understanding the staffs is very important and understanding whether the staff are qualified and eligible for the particular job is the most important aspect. The staff are required to be skilled and certified with diplomas in hospitality and management field.

LO3 Understand recent developments affecting hospitality

In the hospitality industry, understanding the development affecting the business is very important in providing better service to the customers. Operational development like food safety, customer service and their needs, flexibility, expectations of the employees are some main factors that needs proper understanding. The performance of the business in the market and its impact nationally and internationally is to be monitored carefully. The legislation bodies including safety, wage issues and licensing are other factors that need proper understanding.

LO4 Be able to recognise potential trends and developments in hospitality

For the better functioning of the hospitality industry, recognizing the trends and development in the industry plays a major role. The hospitality industry must follow the recent trends and fashion in food and hospitality. The patterns of work, impact of technology, cultural involvements and implementing different opportunities gives the industry a boost for the future sustainability. For competing with the huge number of competitors in the market developments and improvement techniques are extremely important.

Unit 1 The Contemporary Hospitality Industry

Learning outcomes and assessment criteria

Learning outcomes   On successful completion of this unit a learner will:Assessment criteria for pass   The learner can:
LO1 Understand the current structure of the hospitality industryanalyse the current scale, scope and diversity of the hospitality industrydiscuss the organisational structure of different hospitality organisations assess the role of hospitality-related organisations and professional bodies
LO2 Understand staffing in the hospitality industryassess the staffing requirements of different hospitality industries discuss the roles, responsibilities and qualification requirements for hospitality staff
LO3 Understand recent developments affecting hospitalityanalyse operational, managerial and legislative issues resulting from recent developments affecting the hospitality industry discuss the current image of the hospitality industry
LO4 Be able to recognise potential trends and developments in hospitalitypresent justified predictions for potential trends and developments in hospitality produce an impact analysis for the predicted trends and developments


Unit 1 The Contemporary Hospitality Industry links to the following Management NVQ units:

B2: Map the environment in which your organization operates

B9: Develop the culture of your organization

F9: Build your organization understands of its market and customers.

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