Struggling With HRM7052 Leadership Development Assignment?

HRM7052 Leadership Development Assignment




MODULE TITLE:         Leadership Development– January start

First attempt


LECTURER:David A. Smith

ISSUE DATE: Monday 23rd January 2023

SUBMISSION DATE: Friday 5th May 2023at 12:00pm (noon/midday)

HAND BACK DATE: Friday 2nd June 2023

Learning outcomes and assessment criteria specific to this assignment:

Identify a range of leadership skills and suggest areas for development, underpinned by contemporary theory, models or concepts.

Critically evaluate and apply different aspects of leadership and management practice to demonstrate how these can contribute to organisational effectiveness within a global context.

Critically examine and assess the contribution of leadership and management theory to develop effective leaders.

Operate technology to aid management decision making from a practical perspective.

Please see detailed marking scheme on pages 5 – 6.

Postgraduate CertificateMSc Programme

HRM7052Leadership Development

Assessment and Guidelines


This module will provide you with an opportunity to engage and consider contemporary issues in leadership from both UK and international perspectives and how leaders address these within organisations. The module will enable you to develop a critical insight and outlook to explore relevant solutions for organisational effectiveness and success. Focusing on challenges faced by leaders and how to address these challenges is a key component of this module. Overall, the module will enable you to develop your leadership potential, best practice and through peer assessment gain an insight into a range of business issues that impact on employees.

During the module, contemporary issues will be explored relative to business, leadership and management such as power, leadership styles and tools to aid decision-making. These may include the functions and roles of leaders, and aspects to gain more effective decision making of managers. These areas are examined within a global framework.

The module supports the programme learning and teaching strategy by supporting the practical development of leadership skills and reflective practice and supports you in the achievement of the CMI professional qualification to which this module is linked.


There are two forms of assessment that will be used during the module.

  1. On a frequent basis, you will gain verbal ‘formative feedback’ from your lecturer and peers through the teamwork tasks, which will be derived to aid your learning. This feedback is not recorded against your student record but is to be used by you to improve your work further.
  2. Feedback for the final or ‘summative’ assessment will be the grade and feedback gained from your individual work that you will submit at the end of the module.

Individual Summative Assessment outline

As an individual, you will electronically submit a two-section portfolio, comprising:

Section 1 (maximum word count: 1,000 words) a personal SWOT Analysiswith a PDP (Personal Development Plan) that will plan and identify your potential future leadership development. In addition, you will include an Appendices in your Portfolio your Personality report, the SMART goals you have set and the Gap Analysis you have performed to inform your PDP. The steps to perform to support you are:

SWOT Analysis

  • The Strengths and Weaknesses part of this section should be an open-minded appraisal of your own capabilities.  You may use or any other technique to appraise yourself. The basic idea is that we are more effective leaders if we know something about ourselves in different situations.
  • The Opportunities and Threats part of this section be an appraisal of the leadership environment you believe you are likely to encounter in your careers.  For example, the position of women in management, or the responsibilities of organisations in terms of ecological issues or the responsibilities of leaders in terms of ethical behaviour… ideally choose issues of your own. Consider where you are from, are there cultural issues?  You are encouraged to be as imaginative as possible in this section and briefly justify the future important issues you have selected.

There is no limit for the number of words you have used in your Personal SWOT Analysis model or your Personal Development Plan (PDP). Ensure there are extensive referenced sentences in each of the above, as basic bullet points will not gain any marks.

From the Personality report you have created, derive your Personal SWOT analysis outlined above. Once done, identify SMART goals for 2 – 3 elements you have identified in your Personal SWOT. Finally, construct a Gap Analysis to inform and create your Personal Development Plan. Your Personality report, SMART goals and Gap Analysis should be included in an Appendix at the end of the Portfolio, as these are assessed.

Section 2 (maximum 2,000 words):This is an individual reflectionon yourfuture individual leadership development with reference to how contemporary challenges will impact on your leadership style and approaches. This reflection needs to be underpinned by contemporary literature.

  • This section is essentially an essay and again the emphasis is on the quality of your work and the extent to which you engage with literature as you consider your own development as a leader.
  • You may wish to consider the impact of globalisation on leadership today, contemporary issues such as Climate change, Diversity and Inclusion, Artificial Intelligence.
  • This section requires you to consider your own views as well as the views of contemporary literature and how these issues will impact on you as a leader.
  • It is suggested you focus on 2 or 3 main future areas in this Section.
  • This Section is an essay so the usual points should be borne in mind.
  • Essays have an introduction which identifies why this is important to you and to organisations in which you may lead in the future at whatever level.
  • Essays have a main body which may identify and discuss 2-3 or main points.
  • Essays have a conclusion which draws together the main points made and conclude by making your main point.
  • Essays are referenced correctly.  (Please access BCU Harvard style format guide on Moodle).


Final suggestions

– The assignment should be word processed and double line spaced.

– Use Arial size 11 point (this font and size) for your assignments.

– State the word count used in your documents in section 1 and 2as stated above.

– On each sheet, ensure you have page numbers in the format ‘Page x of y’ – see the footer in this assignment brief for an example.

– All work (in Section 1, Section 2and the References pages) should be referenced in BCU Harvard style format – there are hand-outs available on-line and at the Library website if you are unsure about this.

– Do not use Wikipedia, Google, Google books or Yahoo – the former is not peer assessed and the work is unreliable, and the latter are search engines. Do not rely too heavily on Internet sources.

– Do use contemporary academic textbooks and academic journal articles (newspapers are not academic articles, but you can refer to contemporary events).

University Regulations

The word limit identified above is for Section 1 and Section 2. A +10% margin of tolerance will be applied, beyond which nothing further will be marked.

This word count refers to everything in the main body of the text (including headings, citations, quotes, lists etc.). Everything before (i.e., abstract, acknowledgements, contents, executive summaries etc.) and after the main text (i.e., references, appendices etc.) is not included in the word count limit. Appendices should be kept to a minimum and only contain reference materials illustrating and supporting arguments made in the main body of the work. Any other materials included in appendices, except where specifically required in the assessment brief, will not be marked.

There is no fixed penalty for exceeding the word count, but students should be made aware that the marker will not consider any work after the +10% word count tolerance has been reached, within the allocation of marks. Students may therefore be penalised for a failure to be concise and for failing to conclude their work within the word count specified.

Uploading the Assessment (individual Portfolio)

There are two documents to upload to Moodle for your summative assessment:

  • An ‘Assessment Coversheet and Feedback Form’ (saved in Word format) and
  • Your individual portfolio (comprising of the 2 sections) also saved in Word format.

Include a title page on your Individual Portfolio, including:

the name of the assessment (Individual Portfolio), your name, your student id, module name (Leadership Development), module code (HRM7052), your lecturer, and the submission date. Following this, you are to include –

Section 1 – Personal SWOT analysis and Personal Development Plan (PDP) plan for future leadership development

Section 2 – Individual reflection (2,000 words) on your individualleadership development.

Appendices – report, SMART goals, Gap Analysis

References page (references used in Sections 1 and2, sorted alphabetically by author surname).