MGMT502 Service Quality Management Assignment Help

MGMT502 Service Quality Management Assignment


Assessment Number:      AT2.2

Assignment Type:             Essay

Weighting:                         15%

Word Count:                      1,000 WORDS (+/- 10%)


This assessment is designed to help you achieve the following Unit Learning Outcomes:

ULO1: Evaluate the social, technological, ethical, and cultural influences that impact on hotel guest expectations and consumer behaviour.

ULO2: Analyse how guest expectations are changing with the impact of international travel, modern communication trends and the availability of hospitality products.

ULO3: Investigate, discuss, and evaluate contemporary issues relating to guest expectations, consumer behaviour and power, and the evolution of quality expectations and perceptions within growing, international, and competitive hospitality market.

ULO5: Investigate new consumer behaviour models, including the characteristics of internet consumers, and the role of the internet in shaping hotel guest expectations. The marking rubric is accessible through the relevant assessment on Engage.


Think of an incident in which a service provider delivered a poor service but tried to recover from the mistake after you made them aware of the problem.

  • Provide a brief description of the incident and their attempt to recover.
  • Evaluate their recovery efforts in terms of the three types of perceived justice: distributive, procedural Essay and interactional.
  • How effective was the recovery in terms of your purchase intentions and purchase behaviours after the recovery efforts?
  • If they were effective, why do think this was the case? If they were not, what else could they have done?


  • Your assessment must be written in the academic style, in the third person, and contain an Introduction, a Body, a Conclusion, and a Reference list.
  • You must use at least five in-text references.
  • You must use a variation of the Harvard referencing style, e.g., as per LCBA’s Harvard Referencing Guide or the Harvard Anglia 2008 MS Word’s built-in Citation & Bibliography tool. All references must be formatted consistently in accordance with the chosen style.
  • You must adhere to the following formatting conventions (as applicable):
    • Document structure: Each of the following (if applicable) should start on a separate page:
      • cover page (automatically generated within Turnitin)
      • main text
      • references
      • appendices, labelled (A, B, C, … or 1, 2, 3, …) – excluded from word count limit.
    • Document layout
      • A4 paper size
      • normal margins
      • page numbers in bottom-left of each page, except for the title page
      • page numbering of the form: Page X of X
    • Headings
      • Calibri font
      • 14-point font size
      • either minimal or maximal capitalisation
    • Body:
      • Left alignment
      • Calibri font
      • 12-point font size
      • 1.5 line spacing
      • in-text quotes less than 40 words in inverted commas followed by reference
      • quotes of more than 40 words as indented quotes, without inverted commas, in 11-point font size, followed by reference
      • double spaces between paragraphs
  • You must submit your assignment to Turnitin, via LCBA Engage.
  • For assessment due date, refer to the Unit Outline and Engage class.