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IT Biz Solutions offers a wide range of Information and Communication Technology services to businesses of all sizes.

Currently the company has a range of policies and procedures in place and it has been some time since these documents have been reviewed.  In particular, there have been some copyright, privacy and code of conduct issues that need to be addressed.

The company’s documentation procedures stipulate that any changes to policies and procedures require management’s final approval, which can be done by email.

All staff are also to be informed about the updated documents via a presentation. Thereafter, they will be available on the staff intranet.

The following documents have been made available for review:

·         Privacy Policy and Procedures

·         Copyright Policy and Procedures

·         Staff Code of Conduct

Our style guide (also included with this Pack) is to be followed when developing and/or revising all documentation.

Copyright Policy and Procedures

Statement of Corporate Values

We at IT Biz Solutions recognize and respect intellectual property rights and are committed to fulfilling our moral and legal obligations with respect to our use of copyright-protected works.

Corporate Obligations Regarding Copyright

As a matter of moral integrity and adherence to copyright law, IT Biz Solutions sets forth these policies for all employees:

Adherence to legislation

No employee of IT Biz Solutions may reproduce any copyrighted work in print, video or digital form in violation of the law.

Works are considered protected even if they are not registered with any registering agency and even if they do not carry the copyright symbol (©).

Copyrighted works include, but are not limited to:

  • printed articles from publications
  • electronic articles in online publications
  • online videos
  • movies
  • Television
  • radio programs
  • recorded music performances
  • images
  • training materials
  • manuals
  • documentation
  • software programs,
  • databases
  • websites and blogs.

In general, the laws that apply to printed materials also apply to visual and digital formats such as websites, streaming media, music downloads, mobile apps, CDs and DVDs.

Copyright License

IT Biz Solutions holds an Annual Copyright License [and Multinational Copyright License] from Copyright Clearance Centre (CCC), which enables employees of IT Biz Solutions to lawfully reproduce and distribute content, in print or electronic format, as needed within the company.

Under the license, IT Biz Solutions employees can copy and internally distribute excerpts from newspapers, magazines, journals and other copyright-protected works licensed by Copyright Clearance Centre, as often as needed, provided that the license may not be used as a replacement for subscriptions or primary purchases of the published materials. Employees can also email articles of interest to other employees, share articles by posting them on our company intranet sites, store articles in shared folders, and scan content when a digital original is not available. The license also authorizes employees to provide a single print or electronic copy to a client or prospect upon his or her direct request for further information relating to [Company Name’s] products or services, and to submit copies to government agencies as required to support regulatory submissions. 

The license applies only to the works in CCC’s online catalogue (available at www.copyright.com) and that, except for the limited external uses described above, the rights provided are for internal use at IT Biz Solutions only.

Copyright Officer

IT Biz Solutions designates its Chief Information Officer as the copyright officer to administer our company’s copyright policy.

The Chief Information Officer at IT Biz Solutions can help determine whether a work is covered by our Copyright Clearance Centre license and how to handle any special copyright issues.

Copyright Infringements

IT Biz Solutions expects its employees to be responsible consumers of copyrighted materials. We also encourage employees to educate their peers on copyright compliance.

If any employee witnesses a potential copyright infringement, please bring the matter to the attention of the individual as well as to our Chief Information Officer, who serves as our copyright compliance officer.

Employees who illegally duplicate copyrighted works may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Privacy Policy and Procedures


This privacy policy outlines how IT Biz Solutions protects and handles personal information.

Collection of information

IT Biz Solutions collects personal information relating to individual creators, publishers, licensees and IT professionals as part of the normal course of its business.

Where possible, IT Biz Solutions collects personal information directly from the individuals themselves.

Third party collection: IT Biz Solutions may also collect personal information from third parties in accordance with the requirements of the APPs, including:

  • From other rightsholders of a work, including the publisher. This is restricted to information which will assist in member recruitment or payment to rightsholders, such as contact and entitlement information. If IT Biz Solutions cannot collect that personal information from other rightsholders, its ability to efficiently recruit and pay rightsholders will be restricted;
  • IT Biz Solutions has agreements with similar organisations in other countries that enable the use of foreign text and images in Australia, and the collection of fees and royalties for the use of Australian works overseas and may collect information in this process;
  • From the public domain from third party sources such as social networking services, industry directories, industry guides, and the Internet; and
  • Through purchased mailing lists and business database lists which are used for sending IT Biz Solutions marketing material, where recipients have consented to receiving such communications or it would be reasonably expected of us to use or disclose the information for that purpose.

Websites and online services: a variety of information is collected by users of our Websites and online services.

Emails and electronic forms: our servers may record an email address if a message is sent online. An email address will only be used for the purpose for which it has been provided and it will not be added to a mailing list or used for any other purpose without consent.\Google Analytics: IT Biz Solutions uses Google Analytics to collect data about users’ usage and behaviour on Websites. This information is used to improve the Websites and is not used by IT Biz Solutions to personally identify users of the site. All tracked data is anonymously collected in accordance with Google Analytics’ privacy policy. Refer to Google’s privacy policy for further information: http://www.google.com.au/policies/privacy/

Cookies: IT Biz Solutions uses session ‘cookies’ to help analyses how users use the Websites. The cookie-generated information generated about the use of the website (including IP address) will be transmitted to and stored by our service providers on servers hosted in Australia. By using our website, users consent to the processing of data about them in the manner and for the purposes set out above.


We provide the option for individuals to not identify themselves, or of using a pseudonym when dealing with us. In some circumstances, if a choice is made not to provide the information requested we may not be able to provide certain services.

We do not provide this option in circumstances where it is impracticable to do so or where IT Biz Solutions is legally required to deal with identified individuals only.

Use and disclosure of personal information

IT Biz Solutions uses and discloses personal information for the primary business purposes for which it is collected (set out above) and related management purposes.

IT Biz Solutions uses and discloses personal information for any other purposes to which consent has been given.

IT Biz Solutions will not otherwise use or disclose personal information without consent being given unless otherwise required or authorized by law.

Subject to the requirements of the APPs, IT Biz Solutions may also use and disclose personal information for any other related purpose that one would reasonably expect the information to be used or disclosed.

Marketing material

IT Biz Solutions may use personal information, from time to time, to send to marketing material that we consider will be useful, or other material about our activities.

IT Biz Solutions will only do this if we collected the information and one would reasonably expect us to use or disclose the information for that purpose, or if consent has been given to receiving such communications.

Personal information storage and security

IT Biz Solutions takes reasonable steps to protect personal information from loss, unauthorized access, modification, disclosure, interference or other misuse. These steps include electronic access restrictions for electronic files that contain personal information, securing paper files containing personal information in locked cabinets and physical access restrictions.

Once collected, IT Biz Solutions holds personal information in a number of different formats, including on servers (located both onsite and offsite, including in the cloud), databases, filing systems and in offsite backup storage.

IT Biz Solutions only retains personal information for as long as it is required for its business purposes or for as long as required by law. Any information that we no longer require is destroyed securely. An exception to this may be retention of the information for data analysis. However, if this occurs, the information will be retained in a form that does not allow you to be identified from that information.

IT Biz Solutions undertakes not to disclose your personal information in any manner that would be considered direct marketing.is to be carried out on an external email account.

Staff Code of Conduct


This code aims to guide the conduct of staff in the performance of their duties as an employee of IT Biz Solutions. It is intended to provide practical assistance for staff faced with ethical challenges.


All staff of IT Biz Solutions are expected to perform the duties associated with their position skillfully, impartially and diligently in order to contribute to the efficient and economic achievement of IT Biz Solutions’ strategic goals.

Staff should be guided in their conduct by the principles established by this code. If there is any doubt as to the applicability of the code, or the appropriate course of action to be taken in certain circumstances, the matter should be discussed with a senior member of staff.


Ethical principles

The fundamental ethical principles on which this code of conduct is based are:

  • respect for others
  • integrity
  • diligence
  • economy and efficiency.

Respect for others

All staff are expected to treat others, including other staff and customers, with fairness and respect. This involves:

  • courtesy and responsiveness in dealing with others
  • being sensitive to and respecting the rights and dignity of others
  • making reasonable, fair and consistent decisions
  • avoiding behaviour which might reasonably be perceived as harassment, victimization or intimidation
  • avoiding discrimination on grounds such as age, race, sex, pregnancy, sexuality, ethnic background, nationality, disability, political conviction, religious belief, or other grounds covered by relevant legislation
  • allowing alternative points of view to be expressed and reasonably debated


All IT Biz Solutions staff have an obligation as a citizen and as an employee to observe the laws of the State and the Commonwealth.

Staff are required to be familiar with, and comply with, all relevant IT Biz Solutions policies, procedures and codes of practices of the organization.

Conflicts of interest

Staff should be honest in performing their role and avoid conflicts between their private interests and those of their responsibilities to IT Biz Solutions.

Conflicts of interest may arise when a staff member is in a situation where personal circumstances are affected by the decisions or duties carried out in their role. A conflict may arise when any of the following are involved:

  • financial interests
  • personal or sexual relationships
  • personal beliefs
  • outside employment
  • political participation
  • use of confidential information
  • use of facilities, equipment and resources
  • acceptance of gifts or benefits.

All staff must act responsibly and report any actual or perceived conflicts of interest that arise as part of their role. If there is any question as to whether a conflict exists, staff must discuss the circumstances with management to determine whether a conflict exists. Appropriate strategies will be developed to manage any reported or perceived conflicts of interest.


5Staff are expected to carry out their duties in a professional, ethical and diligent manner at all times. This means staff must:

  • make decisions fairly, impartially and without bias, using the best factual information available
  • keep records and documentation to support their decisions
  • always aim to achieve the highest possible standard of performance
  • continuously develop their knowledge in their professional fields and areas of responsibility.  Trainers and assessors must continue developing their vocational competencies to support continuous improvements in the delivery of the services provided by IT Biz Solutions
  • exercise best judgment in the interests of IT Biz Solutions
  • maintain adequate documentation to support decisions made
  • ensure outside interests do not interfere with their ability to meet the responsibilities of their role
  • adhere to professional codes of conduct and standards of ethics

Economy and efficiency

Staff should use IT Biz Solutions resources, facilities and intellectual property only for legitimate purposes related to their role with IT Biz Solutions.

Staff should avoid waste or minimize it where avoidance is not possible.

Staff should maintain sufficient security and protection of IT Biz Solutions property, facilities, resources and intellectual property.

Style Guide


The purpose of this document is to help individuals and departments to develop and file company documentation that is consistent with our corporate style.

This document explains the style to be applied to company documentation together with information on typography, and advice for writing and producing documents, as well as filing documents.

It is recognized that there will be documentation which is outside these guidelines, but the general format should be followed wherever possible.

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Writing Style

Composition should be concise, friendly, and professional in keeping with our mission statement. Documents should be visually appealing and use unambiguous language.

Standard Operating Environment

Our standard operating environment (SOE) is Microsoft Windows and all documentation is to be produced using the associated software.


Hyperlinks may be either:


There is not one standard template for documents and writers may use their own formats for documents as long as the following style guide is followed.

Note that all letters sent to external parties must be signed by the senior accountant at Burleigh

Page Layout

Only A4 paper is to be used for documents. The page margins must be as follows:

Headers and footers


Headers are used for all documents of more than one page. They contain the the title of the document and the title of the current section (if applicable).


Footers are used for all documents (except for letters and emails) and must contain the filename, the version of the document, the date and the page number.


The standard font for all documents is Arial 10pt.

Heading 1 should be bold in 14pt and Heading 2 bold in 11 pt.

Automatic heading styles should be created and used to ensure consistency in heading.

See variations in guidelines for newsletter.

A document checklist must be completed to every document before the final draft is created.


Only the second draft of a document is to be printed.

Printing must be double-sided where possible.

All printed material that is no longer needed is to be disposed of in a recycling bin.


Copyright must be taken into account. If a report or article is to be included, make sure you acknowledge the author and/or source of the publication.

Email Style Guide

All emails should be written as follows:

Write a clear subject line.

Use greeting and closing as you would in a letter. For clients, use their first name or Mr or Mrs if preferred. End the email with Yours Sincerely.

For staff, use first names and use Kind Regards in closing. Where the email is to all staff use “Dear All”.

Make the email easy to read. Use short paragraphs and insert blank lines between each paragraphs. Use bullet points if applicable.

Keep the email brief.

Proof read the email. Run the spell check and check the document yourself too for spelling and grammar.

Digital security

Input devices such as thumb drives or other external memory devices should only be used if they come from a trustworthy source.

Before opening the thumb drive folder, ensure that a malware scan is run on it.

Files that are to be modified should first be saved to the computer’s desktop and the thumb drive ejected before beginning work on the files.

All files should be saved to the relevant folder, and not left on the desktop.

Back up of data should be performed at the end of every week. The data should be backed up onto an external memory device, which will be stored in the security cupboard in the Administration office.

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