COIT11238 Network Infrastructure Foundations Assessment Help

Assessment Item 3 Specification:

Term: Term 1, 2023.

Objective: To assess the unit learning outcomes 2, 3, 6 as stated in the unit profile.

Weighting: 30% of total unit marks.

Type of Contribution: Individual.

Submission: Submission with the provided template via unit Moodle website. Due Date: Week 13 Friday (11:45 PM AEST).


This document contains questions that you are required to answer and submit through the Moodle unit website. There are four questions with some sub-questions in each. Marking criteria are provided on the last page of this document. Carefully read the questions and consult the marking criteria before answering the given questions.

Please include references if you use any resources to complete this written assignment and cite these sources in a correct way, using the Harvard referencing format.

DO NOT copy any content from either the textbooks or the Internet resources as your responses will be checked first by the Turnitin (similarity checking tool, used for determining suspected plagiarism) on Moodle submissions before marking your assignments. Please use the template provided to complete this assignment, and insert your responses where indicated.

Please keep the marking Criteria Page. Do not delete it– changes are not allowed to the formatting of other pages including the headers and footers.

Your information for this written assessment:
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Case study scenario:

ThingsEngine (TE) is a newly established AIoT (Artificial Internet of Things) company in Queensland. This IoT company provides smart IoT products to turn your home into a smart home at low price in Australia. The main office of this company TE is in Brisbane and the branch offices are in Cairns, Townsville, Rockhampton, Sydney, and Melbourne. Their services include AIoT hardware and software installation, AIoT application management through cloud computing, and so on.

This company signed a contract with you to design networks and provide suitable solutions for several needed network services. See more details in the following networking essential tasks and answer the related questions:

Task 1: 7.5 marks

For the main office in Brisbane, the company TE needs a network for the main office including a wired Local Area Network (LAN) with at least 2 workstations (PCs) and a wireless LAN with an Access Point (AP) for 4 local staff’s laptops and smart phones. A router will be used to link these two LANs to an ISP (Internet Service Provider).

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Question (T1-Q1):

You are required to use Cisco Packet Tracer or other software, such as to draw a network diagram for this company’s main office demonstrating the network devices, computer devices and types of media/connection between the devices. Make sure to use meaningful names to label all devices in the designed diagram. To build this network, the network devices, such as switches, wireless access points and routers can be considered to utilise, as well as a wireless router. Take a screenshot of the design and paste below as your solution for this request: (2.5 marks)


Question (T1-Q2):

Identify a primary network topology used in your network design diagram and discuss the difference between physical and logical topology design for this company. (2 marks)


Question (T1-Q3):

List the needed equipment for building this network including computers, network devices and media; and,

justify the selected media used in this network, e.g., for the wired LAN, the wireless LAN, and the connection to an Internet Service Provider (ISP). (3 marks) Answer:

Task 2: 7.5 Marks

The newly established AIoT company will set up an email server in the Sydney office for all staff. And a file sharing server will be available in Townsville for company staff to circulate some project files for further development. These two servers are maintained by the primary office in Brisbane. The company plans to initially provide several networking services including the following:

  • An email server for the internal and external communication
  • A file sharing server for project development
  • Remote-control service for network management

Question (T2-Q1):

Draw a TCP/IP layered architecture diagram (only one diagram is needed) showing the protocols that are most likely to be used for these three types of services in each of the top three layers. Give the (i) names of these layers and (ii) the acronyms or full names of the needed protocols in each layer (in the top three) of the TCP/IP architecture. Answer this question with a diagram or a screenshot of a diagram that you have created. (2.5 marks)


TCP/IP Layered Architecture


Question (T2-Q2):

Discuss the protocol IPsec, which can be used to provide security for these services and give an example of how to enhance security for one of these services. (2 marks)


Question (T2-Q3):

For the two offices located in the heart of Brisbane CBD and somewhere in Sydney, you are required to provide a solution to link these two offices. You should provide/identify the assumption/s for different AIoT applications and related services and suggest what type of network and connection they could consider fulfilling this request. (3 marks)


Task 3: 10 Marks

The company asks you to perform some basic network administrative and troubleshooting tasks.

Question (T3-Q1):

Assuming that you are requested to test the reachability to the company’s website, create a ping command with 5 ICMP echo requests, with each echo-request packet size set to 64 bits. Include a screenshot that shows both the ping command and its output as your answer. (2 marks)


Question (T3-Q2):

Use any tools (command “ping” or packet capture tools, like Wireshark) to find the IP address of the company website and indicate which IPv4 class this IP address belongs to. Provide the reserved addresses as private IP address in this class and discuss why the private IP addresses are needed. (2 marks)


Question (T3-Q3):

Explain the difference between “ping things” and “ping [the IP address of the company website]”. You may want to try both and observe any differences. Your answer should include your explanation, as well as screenshots. (2 marks)


Assume you are able to surf the Internet but not able to ping the web server of the company website: The command “tracert” used in Windows (“traceroute” in Linux or macOS) may be considered to track in real-time the pathway in a network from your computer to the company’s webserver.

Question (T3-Q4):

Discuss how this tool (tracert or traceroute) can be used for troubleshooting purposes. (2 marks)


Question (T3-Q5):

Use tracert or traceroute to indicate the path between your computer and Explain one record (5 columns in a row or in a hop) for a router (such as how long the reply took and so forth). The answer should include related screenshots. (2 marks)


Task 4: 5 Marks

The company will provide some AIoT project demons through git services, such as GitHub, for some customers as collaborative AIoT project developers.

Question (T4-Q1):

  • Which type of cloud computing service GitHub is offering? Justify your answer. (2.5 marks)


A customer is leading a team to develop a specific AIoT application for monitoring stoves at home. A new kind of network computing service is needed to set up a development environment for their team focusing on coding through online teamwork, no need to worry about infrastructure to develop, test and run the software.

Question (T4-Q2):

  • What type of cloud computing service for this online development is appropriate? Justify your response. (2.5 marks)


Marking Sheet – DO NOT DELETE!

Marking Criteria: Your answers will be marked based on technical correctness, completeness, clarity, originality, and relevance. Proper use of referencing conventions must be followed, and marks may be deducted for failure to comply. For discussion or research-based questions, if you decide to include a graphic (e.g., a screenshot or a diagram) in support of your answer, the graphic must be relevant to your discussion, be appropriately referenced, have sufficient resolution to show all its details clearly and be of a reasonable size for normal reader viewing, with all or any text within the graphic being legible and readable. Originality means the work is done solely by you and is expressed in your own words. An answer is unacceptable if it is composed mostly of quoted materials from other sources.
Task #QuestionTotal MarksMarks Awarded
1T1-Q12.5 marks 
 T1-Q22 marks 
 T1-Q33 marks 
2T2-Q12.5 marks 
 T2-Q22 marks 
 T2-Q33 marks 
3T3-Q12 marks 
 T3-Q22 marks 
 T3-Q32 marks 
 T3-Q42 marks 
 T3-Q52 marks 
4T4-Q12.5 marks 
 T4-Q22.5 marks 
Total marks awarded(Out of 30 Marks):
Late submission or plagiarism penalty 
Final marks