BUSN20017 Effective Business Communication Assignment Help

BUSN20017 Effective Business Communication

Format:                       Assessment One and Assessment Two are scaffolded assessments

Assessment One:

The Annotated Bibliography

Assessment Two:

Part One: The Sentence-Level-Speaking-Outline (SLSO)


Part Two: The Individual Video Presentation


Please see the following individual weightings

Assessment One

The Annotated Bibliography is worth 23 marks.

Assessment Two:

Part One: The SLSO is worth 15 marks and

Part Two: The Individual Video Presentation is worth 17 marks.

Due dates:                   Please make sure you are aware of these dates, as they are not the same

Assessment One:

The Annotated Bibliography is due in Week 8 (Friday)

Assessment Two:

Part One: The SLSO is due in Week 9 (Friday)

Part Two: The Video Presentation is due in Week10 (Friday).

Requirements:            Both Assessment One and Assessment Two are based upon the following case study. The following information outlines the case study and the specific requirements of this assessment.

The Case:                    You are a communication consultant. You have been asked by the CEO of a large-sized construction organisation to review the internal mediated communication (including but not limited to email, Zoom, Teams). The organisation, LOHI Construction, is a large multinational organisation with offices in Melbourne and South-East Asia. The problem falls in two general areas:

  1. Mediated interpersonal communication; and
  2. Mediated team communication.

Your task is to develop a video presentation that addresses ONE of these problem areas. This video will be shared with all LOHI Construction employees.

Please think about some of the challenges associated with your chosen problem area. This will help you narrow your focus. Once you have identified the challenges you can then start thinking about how you would respond to these challenges. With these thoughts in mind, you can start sourcing your evidence from journal articles (the articles must be from journals listed on the Required Journal List).

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Assessment One:        In order to accomplish this task, you first decide to write up an Annotated Bibliography. You know that this is an important first step because the Annotated Bibliography will help you find the evidence for your presentation. Being aware of the reputable academic journal in the field of communication you pick five articles from journals listed on the Required Journal List (RJL) (Please see the assessment tile in Moodle for the list of Journals). Failure to use a journal article from the RJL will result in a zero mark for the individual bibliographic entry. For each article in your Annotated Bibliography, you include:

  1. An overview of the main focus or purpose or aim of the article (e.g., This article focuses on………………………………. );
  2. A summary of the theory, definitions of the main variables or concepts, and if applicable the research methods (e.g., qualitative, quantitative, or mixed methods);
  3. A description of the findings, results and/or conclusions; and
  4. An explanation of how this article will fit into your presentation (This article will fit into the presentation…………………………….. ). Please be as specific as possible.

Other:                         Each entry should be between 200-300 words in length (1500 max length). Please make sure you paraphrase. Do not directly copy information from the journal’s abstract. Points will be deducted for Annotated Bibliographies with a Turnitin overlap score of 20% or higher. You must include a reference list (APA 7th Edition).

Assessment Two:        Part One: The next part of your task is the SLSO

The SLSO is an outline of the information (including referenced information and reference list) contained within the presentation. Having developed this document, you can then use it to develop your speaking notes. There are some examples of a SLSO on Moodle (please see the Assessment Tile).

References:                 The SLSO must include the 5 academic journal references you wrote about in your Annotated Bibliography (you will reference the information from these journal articles in-text and include the articles within a reference list at the SLSO (APA 7th Edition). Again–these references are the same ones that were included in The Annotated Bibliography.

Length:                       As a general guide, the SLSO should be around 500-700 words in length. Please remember this document is not a verbatim transcript of what you are going to say in your presentation. It is a sketch or an outline of what you plan to say.

Assessment Two:                  Part Two: Having developed your SLSO you can then start on your Individual Video Presentation. You will present and record a presentation. There are instructions provided in Moodle on how to do this task. The Video Presentation must include both the PowerPoint Slides and an image of yourself speaking.

References:                 The presentation must include the 5 academic references you wrote about in your Annotated Bibliography (Within your presentation you must orally cite your references and include a reference list at the end of you PowerPoint Slides (APA 7th Edition). Again–these references are the same ones that were included in The Annotated Bibliography.

Length:                        The Video Presentation should be nine to ten (9-10) minutes in length. The introduction should be two (2) minutes in length. The body of the presentation should be around 3-4 minutes, while the conclusion should be around one (1) minute. It is important that you keep to time—do not go over. Information beyond the 10 minutes will not be evaluated for marking purposes. Please practice your presentation in advance so that you know it is the correct length. You can use Zoom to record your video presentation (please see Moodle for more instructions about recording and uploading your presentation).

Purpose:                      The general purpose of Assessment One and Assessment Two is to evaluate your ability to:

  • Recognise advanced knowledge and skills required in written, oral, and interpersonal communication to address complex business problems
  • Apply professional business writing and oral communication skills to effectively inform or persuade a target audience
  • Deliver effective presentations to transmit knowledge, skills, and ideas to both specialist and non-specialist audiences and achieve business objectives
  • Critically analyse communication challenges faced by organisations by applying established theories to develop innovative strategies to address them
  • Apply autonomous thinking to reflect on good practices in workplace communication in different organisational contexts

Other:                         Please make sure you are aware of the following requirements and policies.

  • Please do not upload your PowerPoint slides.
  • A late deduction of 5%/day will be applied to assessment submitted late without an extension in accordance with CQU Policy. Extension request must follow the relevant CQU Policy.

https://www.cqu.edu.au/ data/assets/pdf_file/0023/240287/Asses sment-Policy-and-Procedure-Higher-Education-Coursework.pdf

  • There are resources within the Assessment Tile in Moodle that will assist you with the required structure and format of the Annotated Bibliography, the SLSO, and the Video Presentation. You must follow all required formats as illustrated in Moodle and/or discussed in the workshops.
  • We will work on this assessment during the workshops. Therefore, it is essential that you attend the workshops.
  • Academic misconduct is taken very seriously and where warranted an Academic Misconduct Case (AMC) will be raised.
  • If you have questions, please ask either your workshop leader or Dr. Cait White (c.j.white@cqu.edu.au), the unit coordinator.