BUS705 Innovation Management and Professional Development

BUS705: Innovation Management and Professional Development

Task 2: Innovation Report

Due: 14 April 2023, 11.59 AEST                                                                                           Weighting: 55% Type: Business report, 3000 words


The purpose of this task is to propose a leading edge, strategic innovation solution (offering) to address an industry (company) challenge OR sustainability challenge based on your work experience in your organisation. You should draw on the organisational innovation model and follow the team innovation process, paying specific attention to using divergent and convergent thinking of the creative problem-solving process to develop a solution, trial and implementation considerations.


This is an individual (3000 word) assessment task where you need to demonstrate your ability to propose an innovation solution to address an industry / company / sustainability problem or challenge by drawing on the relevant material in this course.

This is a comprehensive task which requires you to apply most of the learning material in this course. It is best to check if the problem you want to work on will be suitable for this assessment during Week 4’s workshops.

Explainer Task 2: The Task 2 Information Overview recording will provide more detail regarding this assessment.


Your report will be evaluated on the following criteria related to innovative problem-solving (PLO3):

  • Define the problem you are working on (industry/company/sustainability challenge) in need of an innovation response
  • Demonstrate how creative problem-solving and sources of ideas influence the development of the innovation and creative solution.
  • Apply the organisational innovation model.
  • Consider your leadership approach for the innovation you are proposing and your professional skills and presence.
  • Formulate an innovation implementation approach that would give your innovation solution the best chance of succeeding within your organisation and outside.
  • Present your innovation report in a professional manner and argue convincingly, supported by relevant evidence.


Feedback will be provided via My Interim Results. Many students have used this assessment task and the feedback to advance a project they lead at work and make significant improvements to their organisation.

Additional resources

If you have not written a business report before, please consult Chapters 2 and Chapter 3 of the Summers and Smith (2014) Communication skills handbook, which you can find in the Course Readings > Recommended course textbook.

  • Referencing: Harvard referencing

o The USC Library also offers helpful guides on how to do this.

  • Structure: Your report does not need an Assignment coversheet and letter of transmittal, but the rest of the structure and sections that Summers and Smith (2014) recommend you

can follow. It’s best to include recommendations in this report on the next steps to be taken

for your proposed innovation to progress.