Assessment Marking Criteria:

Student Name  Student Number  
Unit Code/s & Name/sBSBITU313 Design and produce digital text documents
Assessment Type☐ Assignment☐  Project ☐ Case Study☒ Portfolio
☐ Third Party Report (Workplace)☐Third Party Report (Peer)  ☐ Other
Assessment NamePortfolio 2Assessment Task No.AT2
Assessment Due Date Date submitted 
Assessor Feedback:      
Attempt 1Satisfactory  ☐Unsatisfactory☐Date     /      /21
Assessor NameBrenda DonaldsonAssessor Signature 
Student provided with feedback and reassessment arrangements (check box when completed)Date scheduled for reassessment     /      /
Attempt 2Satisfactory  ☐Unsatisfactory☐Date     /      /21
Assessor NameBrenda DonaldsonAssessor Signature 
Note to assessor: Please record below any reasonable adjustment that has occurred during this assessment e.g. written assessment given orally.

Assessment criteria / benchmarks The evidence submitted demonstrates that the student satisfactorily:  
Date __/__/__Date __/__/__
Task 1 – Help Function (Oral)    
Explained how to access help
Explained the purpose of the Style Guide while completing tasks
Task 2 – Brochure    
Saved document as Tours and Events in Cairns
Created Style 1 – Calibri, 18 pt, bold, italics, paragraph spacing 12 pt after
Created Style 2 – Calibri, 14 pt, bold, italics, paragraph spacing 6 pt before and after
Applied Styles 1 and 2 to appropriate headings
Formatted page 1 correctly using:    
·                Portrait
·                No headers and footers
·                Font – Britannic, 36 pt bold
·                Company logo inserted
·                Effective display
Formatted page 2 correctly:
·                Portrait
·                Vertical alignment
·                No headers and footers
·                Font – Arial (body) 11
Formatted page 3 correctly:    
·                Landscape
·                Imported Great Barrier Reef
·                Inserted photograph of Rainforest at bottom of column
·                Inserted Header – Harlow Solid Italic, 9 pt, on right, bottom border
·                Inserted Footer – Page No on left and month on right – Harlow Solid Italic, 9 pt, top border
·                Font – Arial (body) 11
Formatted page 4 correctly:    
·                Landscape
·                2 column layout
·                Imported Lizard Island Scenic Flights
·                Inserted picture of Helicopter Tour at bottom of column
·                Headers and footer continued from page 3
Formatted page 5 correctly:    
·                Portrait
·                Headers footer continued from previous page
·                Table centred vertically on page
·                Table centred horizontally on page
·                Main heading – Verdana, 30 pt, bold and row shaded
·                Subheading – Verdana bold, 14 pt
·                Left column – Arial (body) 12 pt bold
·                Remainder of text Arial (body) 11 pt
·                Right column – Text rotated
·                Bottom row – Shaded
·                Border – as indicated on draft
·                Tabs used for data in bottom row
·                Column 2 – 1.5 spacing, text indented
Proofread document
Printed document
Task 3 – Letter    
Created template for letterhead and auto text (print screen of autotext during application)
 Created mail merge letter created based on template
Saved mail merge as Tour info
Saved data as Tour info data
Used capitals for City and State
Used Correct letter layout
Proofread document
Printed document
Task 4 – Additional to Brochure    
Inserted Row above Cairns Amateurs Racing Carnival
Inserted correct information
Saved amended document as Tours and Events in Cairns 2