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BUMKT5902 Marketing Management

Assessment 1 – Individual Situation Analysis

Overview of the Assignment

Due date:

Value: 30%

Length: 1500 words

You are required to demonstrate your understanding of marketing theory as we have covered in activities and material in class. This assessment relates to the content we cover in Topics 1-5, use these lectures and resources as a guide to what you need to consider in your assessment. You will perform better in the assignment if you are able to integrate marketing theory into your analysis and use academic theory to develop a balanced critique of the marketing environments.

Your scenario for Assessment 1: You are a marketing consultant for a fictional company of your choice (see the Moodle shell to decide which case study you will commit to using for all assessments in this course).

You are required to prepare a 1500 word situation analysis for the company – consisting of an environmental scan and marketing insights – in report format written to academic conventions and of professional quality.

You will need to research the macro-environment relevant to the company, and because it is a fictional company, you can elaborate on some of the micro environmental factors where relevant – you will refer back to these details in Assessment 2 and 3.

You should consult a mixture of key academic journal articles as well as contemporary industry sources to complete your analysis of the macro and micro environments.

Drawing on your research, you will include prominent issues in a SWOT analysis, and highlight important points from the SWOT in a short summary that provides your client with key details to help inform their decision making for the next steps in their marketing management.

In addition to the rigorous research you will carry out and write up, you are also required to develop an infographic which provides a visual summary of the key findings from your research. There are further resources to help you approach this aspect in the Moodle shell. Include the infographic as an appendix to your report.

Remember, in this assessment you are writing for a ‘client’, so you should also focus attention on writing a professional quality one-page Executive Summary – resources to help to with this are also available in the Moodle shell.

As a guide, you should include a minimum of 8 relevant academic journal articles and 2-3 contemporary reputable industry sources.

Report Structure – Use the following structure to organise your report:

Title page

Executive Summary

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Scope of Report – background to company and purpose of report

  • Environmental marketing analysis
  • Include relevant subheadings

4.0 SWOT Analysis

5.0 Conclusion References

Assessment 1 – Individual Situational Analysis – Rubric – Out of 30 marks

CriteriaMarksF (0-49)P (50-59)C (60-69)D (70-79)HD (80+)
Executive Summary (ES)3The ES has not been included, or is not of sufficient detail to provide the reader a clear insight into what the report will cover or key findings/implications, or the ES includes generic or irrelevant information and does not not cover the critical elements of the situation analysis.The ES communicates very few of the critical elements of the marketing report so that it reads as a stand- alone document. There may be an emphasis on background information and some findings, with limited attempt to outline implications for the client company. The length of the ES may not be adequate.The ES communicates some of the critical elements of the marketing report so that it reads as a stand-alone document. Background information and an overview of findings is provided and some attempts to articulate the implications of these for the client company. The length of the ES is suitable, but could be more detailed, or the executive summay is too long (over 1 page).The ES communicates most of the critical elements of the marketing report so that it reads as a stand- alone document. There is a comprehensive background provided, a summary of main findings in the report and implications of some of these findings are articulated for the client company. The length of the ES is adequate.The ES clearly communicates the critical elements of the marketing report and reads as a stand- alone document with a succinct and comprehensive background, concise coverage of findings and key implications of these findings are clearly outlined for the client company. The length of the ES is sufficient (1 page max).
Analysis of marketing environments8Relevant marketing environments have either not been discussed or not discussed in an adequate amount of detail. Little evidence of integration of marketing theory and practical information.Various marketing environments have been identified and described only, with little discussion evidenced. Environments included may not all be relevant or not discussed critically. Limited evidence of integration of marketing theory and practical information.Various marketing environments were relevant and discussed in some detail, some attempt at critical analysis. Some attempts to integrate marketing theory and practical information.All relevant marketing environments included and clear attempts to developed critical discussion with an adequate amount of detail. Regular attempts to integrate marketing theory and practical information throughout.All relevant marketing environments included and discussed in a good amount of detail. Well-developed critique and sophisticated integration of marketing theory and practical information throughout.
SWOT Analysis and Summary (A&S)4SWOT A&S has either not been provided, is lacking in detail or includes irrelevant information.SWOT A&S has been attempted, with some, not all relevant components identified. A lack of detail or critique provided.SWOT A&S draws on the environmental analysis and includes at least the most relevant issues. Components are discussed in some detail. An attempt made to identify issues moving forward.SWOT A&S draws on the environmental analysis and includes, critiques all relevant components. Balanced discussion of issues to be considered moving forward.SWOT A&S draws on the environmental analysis and includes comprehensive critique of all relevant components justified through reference to academic and industry sources, and competently critiques key issues to be considered moving forward.
CriteriaMarksF (0-49)P (50-59)C (60-69)D (70-79)HD (80+)
Infographic –4Limited selection andSelection and editingSelection and editingSelection and editing ofSelection and editing of
selection and editing of information forinformation relevant forinformation somewhatinformation mostly relevantinformation highly relevant
editing of intended audience (i.e.intended audience inrelevant for intendedfor intended audience.for intended audience.
information client company) inparts. Written contentaudience. Written contentWritten content concise andWritten content concise,
  inforgraphic. Some writtenprovides adequateprovides comprehensivemostly purposeful. Showssharp, purposeful and clearly
  content not relevant. Manysummary of research.summary of research.potential to be effective ineffective in the poster format.
  errors.Further considerationSome potential to bethe infographic format.No or few errors.
   required foreffective in the infographicMostly without errors 
   communication throughformat. Some errors.  
   infographic. Many errors.   
Infographic –4Little or no level of ability toAdequate ability to useGood ability to use visualHigh level ability to useSophisticated use of visual
visual utilise visualvisual communicationcommunication tools invisual communication toolscommunication tools to
communication communication tools totools in attempt toattempt to persuade and/orto persuade and influenceeffectively persuade and
skills and persuade or influence thepersuade and/or influenceinfluence the audience.the audience. Infographicinfluence the audience.
techniques audience. Limitedthe audience. InfographicInfographic as a whole isas a whole is visuallyInfographic as a whole is
  consideration of infographicas a whole is somewhatmostly visually pleasing.pleasing, with mostvisually pleasing, with
  as a whole, or technicalvisually pleasing. SomeMany technicaltechnical components (e.g.technical components (e.g.
  components workingtechnical componentscomponents (e.g. texttext boxing, fonts,text boxing, fonts, headings,
  together(e.g. text boxing, fonts,boxing, fonts, headings,headings, colours, images,colours, images, etc) are
   headings, colours,colours, images, etc)etc) presented with thepresented impactfully.
   images, etc) presentedpresented with the potentialpotential for impact. 
   with potential for impact.for impact.  
Overall3The report lacks requiredThe report structure andThe report structure andThe report structure andThe report structure and
presentation of structure and/or is of a veryformatting is inconsistent.formatting meet minimumformatting follow guidelinesformatting follow guidelines
report low standard.Word limit has not beenstandards will all sectionsand are consistentlyand present a professional
  It also falls substantiallyadhered to.evident.applied throughout theimpression to the reader.
  beyond the word limit.Some instances ofGrammar and spellingreport.Grammar and spelling is
  Incorrect grammar andincorrect grammar andmostly correct throughout.Grammar and spellingcorrect throughout, with a
  spelling mistakes appearspelling mistakes in parts correct throughout.high sophistication to the
  constantly throughout theof the report.  look at feel of the report.   
Referencing4Fails to utilise andCitations are current,Utilises current and credibleReferences include manyAppropriately utilises and
  reference an adequateappropriate and fromsources which at timesrelevant and crediblecorrectly references (in-text
  amount of supportingcredible sources, butappropriately support thesources which are mostlyand reference list) current,
  literature. Literature utilisedmore would have beenstudent’s argument. Moreutilised appropriately torelevant and credible
  is not necessarilybeneficial. Some issuesresources could have beensupport the student’ssources. Evidently well
  appropriate in supportingwith in-text citation andused in parts of the reportarguments/points.researched.
  the student’s argument;presentation of referenceand/or there are someReferencing style in text 
  issues with in-text citationslist.issues with in-text citations.and the reference list not 
  and reference list.  always correct. 
Total out of30