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DATA4200 Data Acquisition and Management Assignment

Assessment 2 Information

Subject Code:DATA4200
Subject Name:Data Acquisition and Management
Assessment Title:Unstructured Data Management
Assessment Type:Report (Individual)
Word Count:1500Words(+/-10%)
Total Marks:35
Submission:via Turnitin (Word report)
Due Date:Tuesday of Week 10, 23:55pm AEST

Your Task

This report will enable you to practice your LO1 and LO2 skills.

  • LO1: Evaluate ethical data acquisition and best practice about project initiation
  • LO2: Evaluate options for storing, accessing, distributing, and updating data during the life of a project.
  • Complete all parts below. Consider the rubric at the end of the assignment for guidance on structure and content.
  • Submit the results as a Word file in Turnitin by the due date.


Unstructured data has typically been difficult to manage, since it has no predefined data model, is not always organised, may comprise multiple types. For example, data from thermostats, sensors, home electronic devices, cars, images, sounds and pdf files.

Given these characteristics, special collection, storage, and analysis methods, as well as software, have been created to take advantage of unstructured data.

Assessment Instructions

Given the considerations above, select one of the following industries for your assessment.

  • Healthcare
  • Retail – clothing
  • Social Media
  • Education
  • Motor vehicles
  • Fast Foods
  1. Read relevant articles on the industry you have chosen.
  2. Choose one application from that industry.
  3. Introduce the industry and application, e.g., healthcare and image reconstruction (300 words, 6 marks)
  4. Explain what sort of unstructured data could be used by an AI or Machine Learning algorithm in the area you chose. (300 words, 6 marks)
    • Discuss best practice and options for (800 words, 15 marks):Accessing/collecting (2 marks),Storing (2 marks),Sharing (2 marks),Documenting (2 marks),
    and maintenance of the data (2 marks).

Propose a question that could be asked in relation to your unstructured data and what software might help you to run AI and answer the question. (100 words, 3 marks)

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