Everything You Need to Know About the HLTENN044 Assessment

Taking the HLTENN044 Assessment can feel intimidating, but don’t worry – with the right resources and preparation, you’ll be ready to succeed. Diploma Assignment Help provides you with key information about the exam and essential tips for success so you can confidently face the assessment!


Overview of the HLTENN044 Assessment

The HLTENN044 Assessment is a nationally recognized assessment that tests your knowledge of evidence-informed practice in health care. It assesses your capacity to analyse and synthesize information, formulate decisions, evaluate outcomes, identify areas for improvement and undertake self-directed learning. It also covers topics such as leadership skills, management of resources and quality improvement, as well as professional behaviour.

Elements and Performance Criteria

Identify impact of chronic health condition on a person.

1.1. Identify chronic health condition and seek information to confirm impact of health condition.

1.2. Develop plan of care based on application of evidence-based knowledge of condition on body systems.

1.3. Identify common chronic health conditions and health and lifestyle limitations.

Contribute to chronic health education and care planning.

2.1. Contribute to person-centred care and development of self-management strategies.

2.2. Evaluate and document response to nursing care including variations and unexpected outcomes.

2.3. Identify and contribute to health education and evaluation of impact of chronic health condition.

2.4. Identify community-based care services available for restorative and rehabilitation care.

2.5. Confirm health and lifestyle adjustments for chronic condition in planning care.

2.6. Contribute to and implement nursing care for chronic condition.

Implement and evaluate nursing interventions in chronic health conditions.

3.1. Apply nursing interventions considering physical, emotional and psychosocial needs.

3.2. Encourage and support informed independent decision making for optimal chronic condition health outcomes.

3.3. Perform nursing interventions based on the plan of care cultural diversity, dignity and respect.

3.4. Encourage and incorporate self-care into the plan of nursing care for interventions.

Tips on How to Prepare for the Exam

Preparing for the HLTENN044 Assessment can be a daunting task, with both theory and practical components involved. To make sure that you are well-prepared, it is important to revise concepts from all parts of the curriculum. It may also be beneficial to practice answering questions in a timed setting to get used to the examination format. Additionally, creating mind maps or summaries of your notes can help you remember key information quickly and easily on exam day.

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