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Diploma Of Leadership And Management Assignment Help

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Sample Assignment

Sample Assignment

Develop a draft communications strategy for meeting organizational needs that includes:

A.    Two to three communications objectives

Communication is the most important lifeline of any organization. It is the blood of any organization. It is the vehicle of that will ensure that there is proper performance of employees of the company and achieving their goals. There are several objectives of business communication which are (Newman, A., 2013):

– To Exchange organizational Information:  It is the most important medium of communication. The most objective behind it is to share information within the internal and external teams. Internal is basically within the organization through orders instructions suggestions and opinions.

– To develop plans for the company: plan is actually the blueprint of any organization. It is through the plan by which we can decide what work can be done and when it needs to be done. It is therefore very important for us to know that we need a plan in place. To develop this plan it is very important the people are aware of proper business communication agenda through which they can lay down this plan. This helps to attain organizational goal. This will provide information to the managers for the creation of this plan which is why communication is very important.

– To facilitate policy information:  The policy of any company is maintained in order to know what are the rules and regulations that need to be kept into pace so that the company functions properly. It is for such goals also that business communication is required. For this company also they needed to maintain a new set of rules and regulations and it was required that they design a complete plan for this system. This is the reason why they needed proper business communication for fulfilling this need and make it more effective for others also to understand the same.

B. At least two different audiences, for example, senior management, work teams, or individual employees.

Two different audiences that will be addressed in the communication plan will be senior management and individual employees.

The senior management is one that will be responsible for maintaining and streamlining the work in the system or the organization. Otherwise if they do not work in that direction then the organization will not reach their heights. Hence the communication plan needs to bring to light the best of deals within the company and how the higher management will work in formulating a plan for them. This communication plan will bring to light how the senior management employees will interact with each other to etch out a plan that will help them to come up with a complete solution as to how  they will transform the thinking process of the employees and how we need to address the problems of the situation. It is only through proper business communication that the senior management needs to bring into the light of the employees why they are bringing about such a kind of change in the organization at such a level and how this will impact the employees. The management needs to understand that accepting the change for individual employees is not going to be easy so it is their responsibility to make sure that the transition is smooth. Moreover it is also very much required that they explain the roles and responsibilities of the people in the new trend setup so that they have clarity over their roles and responsibilities.  They need to make timely communications as to laying down the updated of the changes that are going on in the company and how this will help them to maintain the system of changes in the company. Therefore to maintain such smooth communication with the employees they need to setup general and common meetings with each of them to ensure that there is dual movement of information and also that there are no gaps in the data that are being shared.

The individual employees are those that are at the ground level and therefore it is very important for them to understand that the transformation in the company is a mandatory factor and therefore the need to transform their thought process for which it is very important for them to communicate with each other and also with the higher management to ensure that the complete process is done smoothly and does not offer any disappointments to the people. Hence for both these levels of employees marinating a decent communication with each other will serve as the best source of inspiration for others who can follow the suit for the same. For these employees of JKL they shall be having regular session and moreover they can also raise their queries through a common portal where in the can get all their questions answered.

C. at least two methods of communication or media

The first system that will be used will be formal communication. This formal communication shall include official emailing system where in we can communicate all the important information through these mailing systems. This shall also include all sorts of formal business communication that shall be held not only through these formal emails but also through the business journals and the papers that are published that will contain the latest details of the developments of the company. This will help to make the people aware of the work that is being carried out in the company and the latest changes that the company is planning (Easton, A., 2009 ). Moreover such business journals are also very helpful for maintaining the people at one common level. Apart from those holding town hall meetings is also one such option that can be carried out in order to inform he general employees about the growth and the development that is being carried out in the company. Hence it is very significant for the employees to stay in touch with the advancements that are carried out in the company.

With the advent of social media it has got with it various ways and means for the people to communicate with each other. I believe this medium must definitely be utilized because it is highly radical and helps to change or alter the thought process of people in their very early stages it. Moreover it becomes a sort of a mass movement in which they can get influenced with the ideas nod thoughts floating in the social media stuff. Hence the second method of communication that will be used will be social media communication.  In this way we can propagate the important details of the company and also help them to gain good business advantages.  Moreover these social media shall also help to maintain the market about the company. Therefore they will also help to provide a push to the business. These days the social media is on a boom.  We can flash all the details of the company in these social media sites because information published there is spread like wild fire. Therefore it is very important for us to know how we can use it to the best of our way.

D. at least two provisions to facilitate bottom-up consultation (from employees to individual employees management); for example, consultation on employee health and safety, consultation on continuous improvement of work processes, consultation on employee conditions and pay, or consultation on job roles and performance expectations.

There should be a system in place through which the employees can raise the requests where in they can raise their problems to the management or to other concerned employees. One way out of this is to maintain a common portal. This common portal shall allow them to raise requests to the direct department from which they have any kid of query. One this is addressed to the person who is an expert at this then this can be taken up and required action shall be performed. Hence this system will facilitate smooth movement of information between the various systems that are existent in the complete flow of events and shall also help to allow for smooth movement of data. This portal will also help the general employee to raise any query that they have and also raise pertaining requests for the same which will help them to get is resolved earlier and very soon.

The next step that needs to be taken is to set p a monthly or a regular meeting at any regular interval for which all these employees shall be divided into certain section that shall be headed by their respect9ive account heads. These will help them to raise their concerns in a face to face manner in a meeting room where in they can point their questions or queries whatever they have to ask n front of the senior management and also can get answers to questions that are troubling them. In this case , JKL should by themselves organizes a setup where in they meet the employees at a regular interval and make them understand the need of making this change and explain the high level plan of how this complete change will be bought about. This shall help them to have clear idea pertaining to how this change shall be done and how will it be implemented. It will also help them to assess how this shall affect their jobs and weather they have an option of quitting or not while working in this format. For this they shall have better answers following which they shall simply be able to raise question and get their answers.  In some of the cases the employees might not be very clear as to what will be their roles in the new setup and as a result of which they might not be willing to continue. In such cases they need to know what will be compensation that will be provided to them in case of leaving and how they shall be remunerated. Therefore all these queries as a common employee need to be addressed for which regular meetings should be held.


The process of grievance start from the fact that they need to investigate where did the problem arise and to know what can be the best possible mechanism for resolving theta grievance. Hence the course of action for the complete process starts from investigating what is deemed as being proper with respect to the company and what went wrong. After which there is a panel discussion of the scope of improvement. After this the ,managers have to send an initial investigation along with the employee to make sure that this is done to find out the root cause of the same. Once this research is done the grievance report is generated as per a certified template. This is then consulted by the grievance panel to find out the exact evidences that have been laid down are correct or not and later on this is passed on to the Formal grievance procedure which is then done to ensure that this process is completed and later try so that such a situation does not arise.