7210MKT Advanced Consumer Behaviour Assignment Help

7210MKT Advanced Consumer Behaviour Assignment


ASSIGNMENTAssignment 1 – Advertising Evaluation
DUE DATEWeek 6 – Friday 21/04/2023 11.59pm
SUBMISSIONvia Learning@Griffith
LENGTH2000 words (+/- 10%) including references
WEIGHTINGThis assignment is worth 60% of overall grade
FORMATTINGinclude cover sheet with author details, standard 12pt font, APA or Harvard referencing


For this assignment, you are required to critically analyse and evaluate a recent advertisement. You are to critically analyse the creative execution and evaluate its performance against intended objectives. You are to identify the key psychological principles being employed and evaluate their effectiveness in helping to convey the intended message. It is recommended students look at the topics being covered each week in the workshop and consider whether the theory covered is employed in the advertisement in the assignment. If something that has been covered in the workshop but is not readily evident in the ad, could it have been used to make the message more compelling? If so, how would it have influenced viewer comprehension of the intended message? And remember, if you offer the reader an idea, it should be supported by an academic reference.



  • Journal of Consumer Research
  • Journal of Marketing
  • Journal of Advertising
  • Journal of Advertising Research
  • Journal of Marketing Research
  • International Journal of Research in Marketing
  • Journal of Consumer Psychology
  • Psychology & Marketing
  • Journal of Experimental Social Psychology
  • Gender & Society

ESSAY STRUCTURE – 2000 words

The essay should be presented in a clear, logical format. Following is a ‘suggested’ structure that could be used as a guide.

  • Cover Page
    • Include author details
  • Creative Execution
    • In this section, you are analysing and assessing the attributes of the advertisement and fit with brand objectives. Following are just some things you might consider. This is not an exhaustive list:
      • What is the intended marketing objective?
        • Awareness, attitude change, behaviour change, appeal to a new segment, brand positioning
        • Why do you think that/how can you justify your thoughts?
      • What is the intended target audience?
        • Why do you think that/how can you justify your thoughts?
        • Is the target audience likely to notice and attend to the message or could something improve this?
      • What is the key message being communicated?
        • Is there more than one message?
      • What is the tone of the advertisement?
        • Avant garde, humour, divisive, inclusive, loving
        • Why do you think that/how can you justify your thoughts?
  • Psychology
    • In this section, you are identifying the psychological principles being employed. You might look to critically analyse why they were being used and their effectiveness in achieving marketing objectives.
    • Internal influences: The psychological core
      • Motivation: Is the ad attempting to influence motivation? How? (remember, there are 6 ways we can influence motivation)
      • Exposure and attention
        • What is being done to increase attention?
        • What is being done to assist comprehension?
      • Memory and attitude formation
        • What aspects of the tri-component model of attitude formation is it using?
        • What is done to assist memory storage and retrieval?
    • External influences: Consumer culture
      • Social influence: Reference groups, normative influence
      • Social class and households
  • Conclusion
    • Key takeaway
  • References